About Us


Over 37 years of providing medical education to thousands of medical professionals worldwide.

The Current Concepts Institute (CCI) team has been directly responsible for the planning, content creation, marketing, meeting management, and ACCME reporting for 60 successful Current Concepts in Joint Replacement® (CCJR®) meetings in addition to serving as consultants for global events organized by orthopaedic device manufacturers. CCI has evolved from a non-accredited entity to an ACCME-accredited provider and our meeting management experience provides valuable insight into implementing successful in-person, online, or hybrid continuing medical education (CME) activities as efficiently as possible.

Current Concepts Institute is dedicated to delivering contemporary continuing medical education to health care professionals with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the care delivered to the public. These CME activities are designed to change the clinical competence or professional performance of the learner and/or improve patient outcomes independent of commercial bias. CCI develops, manages and provides accreditation to CME activities whose teachers are recognized clinical, surgical and scientific thought-leaders and that present evidence-based information to address professional practice gaps.

What We Provide

Offering CME credit for an educational event indicates that you value evidence-based, non-biased content for physician learners and the standards set by ACCME. The CCI team is here to help you achieve these goals! Through the application process, we will ensure you are on target to address the practice gaps of your learners while remaining in compliance. CCI provides templates and worksheets to guide you from planning to reporting.

From a participant perspective, an event is judged by not only the quality of the educational content being presented, but the quality of the customer service provided through the process. CCI will ensure your in-person, online or hybrid event is optimally managed with utmost professionalism and timeliness for both you and the participants.

CCI collaborates with organizations and physicians to bring quality, continuing medical education to healthcare professionals. Through our direct experience conducting in-person and online meetings along with producing enduring materials, CCI is your partner for:

  • Meeting management & planning
  • Content creation
  • Marketing
  • Joint providership
  • On-demand, online CME


Why Work With Us

The CCI professional team has direct CME and meeting management experience through the production of 60 Current Concepts in Joint Replacement® (CCJR®) meetings and other global, educational events over the past four decades. CCI has evolved from a non-accredited entity to an ACCME-accredited provider and our experience helps you implement successful CME activities as efficiently as possible.

We provide personal, one-on-one interaction through the process with cost-effective pricing for meetings of all sizes. With four decades of experience, the CCI team brings unique solutions to the table and ensures all aspects of your in-person, online or hybrid event are managed.

Current Concepts Institute (CCI) has the expertise to create high-quality, learning opportunities from start to finish whether they are in-person meetings, live-online events including webinars or on-demand modules. If you have an idea, we will engage with you to create an activity that best delivers the content to the learners. Whatever your needs are for the development of a CME event, our direct and professional experience with meeting and production logistics (venue, platform, audio-visual), speaker organization, corporate involvement, enduring materials, etc., will be acknowledged and appreciated by the participants.

Meet the Director of CCI

Titans of Orthopaedics is a series from the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) which profiles legends in the field of orthopaedics highlighting their impact on the practice of orthopaedics, orthopaedic research, patient care, and patient outcomes.

In this episode, Dr. Thomas P. Sculco and Dr. Thomas S. Thornhill speak with Dr. A. Seth Greenwald, who is truly considered a titan in the musculoskeletal community. He is an internationally recognized bio-academician, thought leader and educator with more than 5 decades of experience as a productive researcher in areas of joint biomechanics and artificial implants. Dr. Greenwald is the founder and emeritus director of the prestigious Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) meetings, Director of Orthopaedic Research Laboratories (ORL), and Director of Current Concepts Institute.